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A few months ago, the hard-working staff of Japan Subculture Research Center (JSRC) had their first New Year’s Mixology (Cocktail) Party (新年会). One of the attendees, and sometimes writer for the blog, Mio Takeshita, introduced  us to an Australian classic cocktail: The Quick Fuck.

According to Ms. Takeshita, Wikipedia, and a drunk Australian pole-dancer, a Quick Fuck is a layered shot made from one part coffee liqueur such as Kahlua or Tia Maria, one part cold Midori liqueur (melon liquor) and one part Baileys Irish Cream.

The essential ingredients for The Matcha (抹茶) Better Fuck Cocktails: Coffee, Green Tea and Cream Liqueur in equal parts
The essential ingredients for The Matcha (抹茶) Better Fuck Cocktails: Coffee, Green Tea and Cream Liqueur in equal parts


Ideally, “the Baileys is poured off the back of a bar spoon so it “floats” on top of the Kahlua in a shot glass. Then slowly layer the Midori on top of the Baileys. Note that Baileys does not have to be used; any type of Irish Cream will do.”

As you might guess, “The Quick Fuck” is a wonderful drink to order and know because it opens the door for a never ending series of lewd jokes. “Hey, baby, what are you having tonight? I feel like A Quick Fuck.” 

“Hey bartender, I’ll have a quick fuck.” etc. Please feel free to send in your own bad jokes with the cocktail.

The only problem we had in making the drinks is that the JSRC HQ liquor cabinet has no Midori liqueur. As a graduate of a one day SF Mixology seminar (ahem), I can only say that Midori liqueur is almost as much of an abomination as Peppermint Schnapps. I suppose it could be palatable.

But then I had an idea. Why not substitute Suntory’s delicious (sort) green tea liqueur Japone for the Midori? So we tried it. The slightly bittersweet Matcha (抹茶/thick green tea) taste went perfectly with the Kahlua and Bailey’s. After a long discussion of three minutes, we dubbed the new concoction: ザ抹茶ベターファック ( Matcha Betta Fakku) or in English: The Matcha Better Fuck.  

It should be served straight-up in a standard shot glass, here are the commonly used ingredients (preferably chill all the bottles in advance):
one part green tea liquor (preferably Suntory Japone)
one part Kahlua or any coffee liqueur
one part Baileys Irish Cream

Preparation is easy.

First, pour the Japone into a shot glass. Next, add the Kahlua. Lastly, add the Bailey’s. Stir it up with no finesse. Meditate on the beauty found in the transience of existence, say “Banzai” and drink it down. The matcha liqueur gives it a slightly bitter taste—making it so much more like life in Japan: full of alcohol and bittersweet.


A note from the intern (Louis Krauss): Jake Adelstein, who wrote this post, asked me to mix a Matcha Better Fuck, take a picture and drink it (after editing and adding photos, of course). Here’s what I came up with and my thoughts:


Your first thought will be “Wow, it’s like drinking an alcoholic mint chocolate Kit Kat bar,” at least if you used as much Bailey’s as I did. The color resembles a milky green-tea color, but it actually doesn’t feel that strong. But knock back more than three and you will be very matcha fucked-up.



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  1. I guess I’ll have to make a matcha liqueur out of vodka, matcha and simple syrup. Can’t get much other than Suntory whisky in Chicago.

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