Happy New Year From Japan Subculture Research Center!

A Benediction for 2015 May we all be happy May we all be healthy May we all be safe May we all be grateful for what we have May we all live well May we all have an unexpected adventure May we all be most excellent to each other May we all have an excellent year 新年明けましておめでとうございます! 今年もよろしくお願いします Happy 2013. May it be an excellent year for us all.  Read More

AIDA MAKOTO: Monument To Nothing (Art Exhibition Reviews)

Aida Makoto is one of the most well-known modern artists in Japan today. However, the prevalence of grotesque and erotic themes in Aida’s work overshadow some of his political and social messages. Some of his pieces might be considered child pornography in the United States. According to the Mori Arts Museum, “while projecting modern Japanese society, he simultaneously draws heavily on traditional artworks and modes of expression. It is also true, however, that surveying... Read More

The Best Articles About Japan 2012 (on our blog) :D

Dear Gentle Reader, All of us at Japan Subculture Research Center would like to thank you for your  reading the articles posted here this last year, your contributions, and your comments. Here are some of the articles we thought were the most amusing, edifying, or just fun, grouped together in general order.  We had some outstanding outside contributions which made for some excellent reading–and to those contributors thank you as well. Whether you’re interested in... Read More

Gambling. Dopamine.Sex. Drugs. Art. X-mas plans in Japan?

If you’re looking for something to do on this lovely X-mas day in Japan, you still have a chance to catch the fascinating Tokyo University Of the Arts Doctoral Program Final Exhibition at the University Art Museum in Ueno. And because it’s Christmas, admission is free. Are we safe yet? (Well, actually admission has been free since it opened on the 16th, but I figured more people would go if they thought they were getting a bargain.) I’m not an art critic nor do I know much... Read More

Facebook Is Stalking You, Baby. (Notes From The Uncanny Valley, Japan)

Today when I logged into Facebook, I was greeted with the following message in my status bar: How are you feeling, Jake?  The short answer is: I’m feeling a  little uncomfortable, baby. Because I’m not used to my social media site talking to me like a girlfriend who believes I’m a mental case. The opening salvo also seems like a psychotherapist checking in, a little warily, just  see if I’m going to hold it together. This first query was followed by... Read More

Bamiyan, The Destroyed Buddha Images & Meditations on Art

This article was originally posted on 3quarksdaily and is reprinted with permission.  Buddhism is a religion that teaches the truth of impermanence, yet should its greatest artwork be preserved or restored? by Leanne Ogasawara There was recently mention in the media of a religious extremist in Egypt calling for the destruction of the pyramids. I first heard talk of this last summer– around the time that the shrines in Timbuktu were destroyed. Holy hoax or not, I could... Read More

The End Of The World And This Blog & Final Chances. Sayonara!

This post has been scheduled to post before midnight GMT of LA time, which as we know, was the official time zone of the once thriving Mayan culture, that predicted the world would end today. And please ignore any factual refutation of that based on science or common sense. Did Mitt Romney get elected President of the United States? No. We rest our case. It’s already the 21st in Japan but that doesn’t count because the Mayans barely knew Japan and only visited the... Read More

How The CIA Helped The Yakuza & The LDP Get Power & Promote Nuclear Power

I just finished re-reading Tim Weiner’s magnum opus, Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA ,which is perhaps the best book ever written on the Central Intelligence Agency, and its general history of dismal failures. On the eve of the LDP’s retaking of power, December 16th 2012, I thought it might be interesting to take a look back at the LDP and how they came into being in the first place. It’s like a story out of a John Le Carre novel, but as is often the... Read More

Why Abe & Adult Diapers Make Shorting Japanese Yen A Sweet-Smelling Deal! (Op-Ed)

As many of you know, the lower hours elections were held in Japan today and the LDP and New Komeito Alliance scored a clear victory. It means the likely return of Shinzo Abe aka Mr. Bond, Japan Bond, to his starring role as prime minister of the country. Financial blogger and twitterdachi, Finansakrobat has a piece on the economic repercussions worth reading (while at your desk or in the bathroom.)  Reprinted with his kind permission. DECEMBER 16, 2012 WHY ADULT DIAPERS MAKES... Read More

“The name is Bond. Japan Bond.” Abe returns as Agent .007 in “Yenwrecker”

I was reading an article today about how the return of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, now head of the LDP, as the new Prime Minister, could be absolutely devastating in terms of the value of Japanese bonds. Yes, I was actually reading a finance article. Not that I claim to fully understand it but then again, it’s not completely over my head either. Here’s the first two paragraphs:   Bond Risk at Month High on Specter of Abe Spending: Japan Credit   Japan’s... Read More