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Tokyo committee aims towards establishing new anti-OG laws


Jul 6, 2010

July 5 saw the first session of a new committee of specialists set up by police with the aim of establishing new anti-organized crime laws. Authorities plan to hold another session at the end of this month and one more in September, ultimately proposing the new laws to the Tokyo Assembly next year.

Members of the committee include Tokyo Metropolitan University Law School professor and chairman Masahide Maeda, Adachi-ku mayor Yayoi Kondo, Gakushuin University professor Keiko Sakurai, and other lawyers and experts in organized crime and civil affairs.

At the start of the meeting, head of the anti-organized crime division Tetsuya Mori talked about how front companies run by organized crime groups threaten the safety of private citizens, and how he hoped the implementation of more effective laws would help protect Tokyo locals. Maeda said he hoped Tokyo would become a model for the eradication of organized crime.

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