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  • The Year of Dokufu: Poisonous Women in Japan

The Year of Dokufu: Poisonous Women in Japan

by Kaori Shoji       Wow. What a year THAT was, on a whole lot of levels. The unofficial diagnosis is that things will get worse in the year…

Japanese media loses their heads over decapitation of teenage girl by teenage girl

A 15 year old girl was arrested Sunday by the Nagasaki Police on suspicion of killing her high school friend. The 15-year-old girl, who can't be named under Japanese because…

Yakuza Comix 3: The complicated world of Japanese suicide, which is sometimes homicide

Japan has a fascination with death and suicide. But sometimes suicide here isn't simply motivated by "honor" nor is it actually suicide.

Exorcism Gets Everybody Killed; Female Faith Healer Gets The Gallows

The faith-healer and self-professed exorcist, Sachiko Eto, her daughter and another accomplice had beaten their victims to death, using thick drumsticks designed for the Japanese 太鼓 (Taiko) and other blunt…