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  • Creators behind The Walking Dead launch Japanese content division

Creators behind The Walking Dead launch Japanese content division

Skybound Japan's inaugural project, in collaboration with Fuji TV, is Heart Attack, an electrifying sci-fi television series based on the Skybound original graphic novel series by Shawn Kittelsen (Injustice 2,…

Manga and Dating Sims: The Real Path to Japanese Mastery

Boas also provides some useful vocabulary for the basic Japanese learner, particularly while exploring manga and anime's odd visual effects to communicate emotion, such as veins popping to signal anger…

Underwear designer by day, Underworld yakuza boss by night: The Quiet Don

Nitta Tatsuo’s Shizukanaru Don (静かなるドン), translated into English as The Quiet Don, began publication in November 1988 in the men’s manga magazine Shukan Manga Sunday (Weekly Manga Sunday) and ran…

Competition In Japanese Digital Comics Gets Bloody; Mamoru Oshii haemophobic?

Blood-Stained Mai Love by Mamoru Oshii is a black comedy about a high school student with a fetish for donating blood and his strange friendship with Mai, a wandering Transylvanian…