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Japanese women

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An Honest Portrait of a Japanese B*tch

Japanese women are angry. If you didn't already know this you probably shouldn't be reading a review of The Ripple because you won't be interested in a film about older,…

The 100 Hour Japanese Work-Week and One Woman Who Escaped

On the other hand, most Japanese - white collar or not, are well aware that clocking in over 100 hours of overtime a month is quite common, and so is…

Abe tells women to “shine,” but, really, he meant “die!”

A blog post written by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to show his support for women backfires when people pointed out that the English word "shine" can actually be read…

21 Reasons Why Japanese Men Suck (A Book Review) by Ms. Kaori Shoji

Mr. Morikawa does make a sound observation, albeit not a very helpful one: that 10,000 years ago in the Jomon Period, Japanese couples got married at 14, had their first…