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Statue of a Korean Girl Causes Meltdown at Aichi Triennale

by Kaori Shoji It’s 35 degrees Celsius in Nagoya City and the mercury is expected to rise even further. Maybe the recent incident at the Aichi Triennale has something to…

Kono Makes A Discomforting Statement on The Comfort Women And Japan Diplomacy

The comfort women existed through very wide area through out all of Asia, and this is something which I, myself do acknowledge. We have seen, for example in the case…

Viva la Révolucion? The Japanese Communist Party: Still Red And Not Dead

The JCP has won government recognition of workplace injuries and fatalities, and its legal assistance has helped secure compensation for workers and their families in several instances of such accidents.…

Silence Broken: The Plight Of The Comfort Women

Former Comfort Women Await Justice  Adair K. Fincher, September 25, 2008  (This is a well-researched article about the women who were forced to work as sexual slaves by the Japanese Army…