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Scary Things You Never Knew You Didn’t Know About Japanese Halloween

October 30th 2015

Only two more days to All Hallow’s Eve aka Halloween aka Harouin (ハロウィン). Did you know that in Japan that the monster most women most men to be is a vampire, and that Japanese men prefer witches over sexy nurses? Were you aware that watching scary movies improves your immune system? Got a cold? Put away that Nytol and stay up all night watching Hellraiser 1-5, your cold will be gone by morning. (Possibly).Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 15.58.29The creators of the YouTube data-driven drama series,  Nonalog which “tells the stories of young people finding each other in an overly-connected world” turns its attention to Halloween for a special omnibus episode.

Using subtitles, lots of gory paints, J-Horror movie methods and B-grade Horror cliches, the crew have put together a fun film on Halloween history and how it’s celebrated in Japan. Watch it a few times, and you’re not only an expert on Halloween, you’re closer to being an expert on Japanese subculture. Spooooooky!



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