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Playing the yakuza puppet master in "The Yakuza Diaries"


Sep 19, 2010

For all those who spent hours as a child delightfully flipping to page 28, back to page 11, then on to page 19 to discover their fate in the popular “choose your own adventure” books, this is for you. Someone took the time and wrote up a short yakuza version of those multiple choice stories, documenting the fateful night of one “Yamashita-gumi” member in The Yakuza Diaries. While the adventure is a bit short and there’s some creative license taken in parts, it’s worth a few giggles and not a bad time-waster. All Shinji Takagawa wanted was a quiet evening and a little bit of tail.. to what end will you lead him?

(Via @shinpuren on Twitter)

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