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Kyoto yakuza arrested for attacking unmarked cop car


Jul 9, 2010

Officers in an unmarked police car ran into unexpected trouble June 8 when they were approached and harassed by three members of the Kyoto-based Aizukotetsu-kai, who believed the car belonged to a rival gang. According to reports, the officers were on patrol in a black sedan, and the 47-year-old kumicho and his two underlings were suspicious of the car when it repeatedly drove past the same spot a number of times. After chasing the car down, the three gang members began kicking the door and trying to pull the police sergeant out of the driver’s seat. When they saw the officers’ badges the yakuza stopped suddenly and mumbled that they had made a mistake, a shocked acknowledgement that didn’t prevent them from being arrested under the “Act on Punishment of Physical Violence and Others.”

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