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Jake Adelstein interview with 3:AM Magazine


Aug 4, 2010

More than just the typical Tokyo Vice Q&A, an interview with Jake was recently posted on 3:AM Magazine covering the yakuza reaction to the book, the crackdown in Kabukicho, and Jake’s literary influences.

If I wrote a novel, it would probably only be to thinly disguise a true-story that had too much potential blowback to write as non-fiction. I tried to write the book as if I was talking to an old friend at a bar, and we were catching up. If you sit around with me long enough, you’ll probably notice that I talk like I write. Or vice-versa. I suppose I’m influenced a lot by the company I keep. Yakuza and cops aren’t exactly the most eloquent, flowery speakers.

Read the Tokyo Vice 3:AM interview here.

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