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High-Heel Thief Now Cooling His Heels In Lock-Up; Ginza Hostesses Breathe Easy

February 2nd, 2014

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police (TMPD) announced last week that they re-arrested a 28 year old man, Mr. S, with no fixed abode on theft charges; he is accused of stealing of over 450 pairs of high-heel shoes and other women’s objects from high-end hostess clubs in Ginza and the greater Tokyo area.  According to police and other sources, he went on a high-heel shoes stealing rampage from early last year.  The most recent charges are as follows: On November 1st (2013), just around lunchtime, Mr. S snuck into a Ginza hostess club that was closed and stole 16 pairs of shoes and numerous vials of lipstick from the lockers in the changing rooms.  The lipstick and shoes had an assessed value of 550,000 yen (roughly $5,000).

Mr. S reportedly told the police that, “I have no interest in new high heeled shoes. It was fun to steal old ones.” He kept the stolen pairs in a rental room in Suginami-ward, where he also slept. Eventually the rental room became so full of shoes and ladies garments that he had no space to sleep and would spend his night in internet cafes.

Mr. S was caught on the 6th of this year rummaging through a hostess club in Ikebukuro, detained by staff, and turned over to the police and arrested on theft charges. Further investigations led to him confessing his past crimes. He reportedly referred to the dressing rooms he raided as “treasure chests.”  Speaking of chests, he apparently had no interests in bras but was more of a shoe guy. However, hard work by Tokyo’s gumshoes ended his shoe stealing days–for now.

If you are a Ginza hostess and missing some very nice high heels, try asking the Ikebukuro Police Department to located your loved ones. It’s possible they may be under protective custody.



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