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  • Cabaret Club Girls in Japan: All You Ever Wanted To Know

Cabaret Club Girls in Japan: All You Ever Wanted To Know

The publication of the magazine Koakuma Ageha in 2005 sent a shock-wave through Japanese society: when did cabaret-club hostesses become socially accepted to the degree that they have their own…

"Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation in Japan. The New Victims: Japanese Teenagers"

Japanese female teenagers are being used to replace foreign women in the sex-trafficking industry, possibly as a result of crackdowns by the Japanese government against the exploitation of foreign women…

Onions And Yakuza Front Companies: Some Thoughts

The modern yakuza, or the 成人ヤクザ, make their real money in loan-sharking, stock manipulation, real-estate speculation, and IPOs. They need a veneer of legitimacy to do this and that is…

Prostitution isn't just for Professionals anymore! How to find a high-paying job in Japan's Sex Industry.

In Japan, prostitution isn’t just for professionals anymore. The quasi-legal sex industry in Japan is estimated to be a multi-billion dollar market and all signs indicate that it continues to…