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first published on November 3rd, 2014, 23:16 

When you go to Tokyo….if you’re a white male, you can do what you want. Just grab her, pull her in. She’ll giggle. Just say PIKACHU or POKEMON or something to take the pressure off. I’m romping through the streets (of Tokyo) just grabbing girls and it’s like (motions) head on dick (pfft) head on dick, yelling ‘PIKACHU’ with a Pikachu shirt on….Every foreigner who is white does this. When you see that one foreigner in the crowd in Tokyo and your eyes will lock and you know that he knows and he knows that and it’s this guilty look like you both fucked a hooker or something.”


Julien Blanc, “Dating expert” , pick-up artist, lecturing on picking up women in Japan
Transcribed from his video ▶ White Male Fucks Asian Women In Tokyo (And The Beautiful Methods To It) – YouTube

Who is Julien Blanc? He is according to his Facebook page “an executive coach for Real Social Dynamics, the international leader in dating advice”. According to the highly unreliable news source, The Daily Mail, “Pick-up artist Julien Blanc charges men $3000 to learn his secret tricks”and they work! (Maybe). The reporter who wrote the article even tries some of the tricks out for himself! That’s the kind of quality journalism we expect from The Daily Mail. 

You can see Julien’s amazingly misogynist and offensive lectures on how to convince women to have sex with you (if you’re a white male with sociopathic tendencies) at two web sites:: www.pimpingmygame.com & www.rsdnation.com.

He is coming to Japan sometime this month–probably November 15th-17th. In anticipation of this, I wrote a summary of all we know for the Japan Times on November 6th—  We are hoping to ensure he has no happy return .  He is not going to be very welcome. In September 2014, a Youtube blogger named msdoom99, posted a Japanese subtitled video of his instructional film White Male Fucks Asian Women In Tokyo (And The Beautiful Methods To It) with some caustic comments.

Julien Blanc, "dating expert", bragging how easy it is to force Japanese women to put their mouths on your dick.  街で女の頭つかんで顔にチンコを当てまくった。
Julien Blanc, “dating expert”, bragging  how easy it is to force Japanese women to put their mouths ‘on your dick‘.  街で女の頭つかんで顔にチンコを当てまくった。

The title of her video editorial is 白人が日本で大暴れ「日本ではHしほうだい」(字幕). Translated: White man on rampage in Japan “You can have all the sex you want”
Msdoom99 is studying shared culture in Asia and also studies comparative culture. For example, her video essay on Japanese rip-offs of American films & television is hilarious. If you saw Top Gun and the Japanese rip-off of it, Best Guy (ベストガイ), you’d appreciate her quirky talents and sense of humor. However, she doesn’t find much funny about Julien Blanc’s instructional lecture.
She writes, “It makes me sad. This white guy overflowing with confidence. It makes feel icky. Somehow it depresses me.”
The video ends with footage taken in Japan of “our hero” grabbing Japanese women at clubs, trying to be cute, and literally forcing their heads into his crotch.

The only thing more foul than this guy is a Russian researcher in Hokkaido who appears to have brutally raped a number of women, brags about it, and has avoided punishment by the Japanese police..

Msdoom99’s video has gotten over a 1000 comments most of them extremely negative. Julien, in his overconfident idiocy, seems to believe that because Japanese women nervously giggle and don’t say “No!” or punch him, that they’re okay with his manhandling of them.
The man is so revolting that he has an entire twitter feed dedicated to stopping him @jennli123 and a hashtag as well: #takedownjulienblanc

Jennifer Li’s explanation of why she felt compelled to go after Mr. “crusty mayonnaise” is brilliant.

@Jennli123 has launched a campaign to track down and stop Julien Blanc (@RSDJulien) from spreading his toxic message and sexually harassing women.
@Jennli123 has launched a campaign to track down and stop Julien Blanc (@RSDJulien) from spreading his toxic message and sexually harassing women.


Since we first posted this article on November 3rd, 23:16 Japan time, there have been some new developments.  In Melbourne, his planned seminar at Hotel Como Melbourne was cancelled due to public pressure and an on-line campaign. (We called the hotel too and and sent them a copy of this article, but I think the writing was already on the wall.) The backlash down under is immense—the man invokes serious chunder.

There is no end to what I could write about his loathsome behavior but watch the video a few times and I’m sure you can decide for yourself, gentle reader.

I will say that what he does in the video would most likely be considered a crime in Japan, most likely 強制わいせつ (kyoseiwaisetsu/sexual assault) or 準強制わいせつ (Forcible Indecency,  Quasi Forcible Indecency). For his edification and that of anyone else who might want to emulate him, this is what the law says:  A person who through assault or intimidation forcibly commits an indecent act upon male or female shall be sentenced to hard labor for not less than six months but not more than ten years.

Unfortunately, “forcible indecency” (強制わいせつ罪)requires the victim to file a criminal complaint (親告罪). No complaint, no crime. Hopefully, on this trip to Japan, which he announced by posting the video that shows him committing crimes, will get him placed in a very special love hotel–one with armed guards and no women.

I kind of hope he looks me up. I know the perfect Japanese woman for him—she’s a dominatrix with a great roundhouse kick. She would love to “play” with him. And he’d learn that being a player can earn you a special reward. He might even apologize for his past actions, if his jaw is still intact. At the very least, he might learn to be a little more polite to Japanese women—or any woman for that matter. One can hope.

UPDATE: On Monday, November 10th, a petition signed by over 37,000 people opposing his entry into Japan was submitted to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau, claiming that he is a criminal and shouldn’t be allowed into the country. Blanc was recently kicked out of Australia after the immigration minister canceled his visa.




Julien is coming to town. Ladies of Japan beware.
Julien is coming to town. Ladies of Japan beware.


Vox populi: A petition signed by more than 36,000 people opposing “dating coach” Julien Blanc’s entry into Japan is submitted to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau.
Vox populi: A petition signed by more than 36,000 people opposing “dating coach” Julien Blanc’s entry into Japan is submitted to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau.
Julien Blanc, tested and appraised by The Daily Mail. He's the Santa Claus of pantry dropping masculinity and his secrets can be yours for only $3000 a pop. 日本へようこそ There's a really sweet dominatrix we'd like you to meet.
Julien Blanc, tested and appraised by The Daily Mail. He’s the Santa Claus of panty dropping masculinity and his secrets can be yours for only $3000 a pop. Welcome to Japan!  日本へようこそ There’s a really sweet dominatrix we’d like you to meet—just sign this no liability waiver.

10492483_855704307778250_1766527099360280981_n Julien photos



*Julianne Chiaet contributed to this article. Also thanks to @jennli123 for collecting such a wealth of information on this charmer. Updated on November 5th, 2014 


83 thoughts on “The Most Hated Man In Japan Is Coming Back…He’s not welcome. He’s not sexy”
    1. Don’t you have hobbies, interests, friends or dreams to fulfil in life? What kind of life is this? My friend, you have no idea what untold hurt, harm and damage you bring. For goodness sake, go home and think your life over. People don’t just post stuff, protest or make angry comments for no reason.

      For all I know, you could have your own issues. People don’t know. Do something about yourself before you become a danger to society. Before you go to jail, make up your mind to change for the better.

    2. Can’t wait for you to come back to Japan and get a nice jail time. They’ll wait for you at Narita.
      You gave all white men a shitty image thanks to your video.
      Have fun being a douche in jail. Work on your pickup lines!

    3. You are sick person. Do not come to JAPAN. We refuse you coming to Japan. We are not what you think. You are not welcome.

      A lot of Japanese ladies are very hard working person who try to show the respect to other people. But I will tell you as a Japanese lady,, Go to hell.

      I ask everyone who signed up his class, JUST CANCEL it. Do not listen to him. He is SICK.
      He is taking advantage of our culture. We will fight back whatever we can do.

      DO NOT say anything anymore about Japanese. You should go to get help from metal health facility.

  1. To be fair nothing this guy says are different from the usual crap you find on gaijin-centered forums on the internet. The real question is whether what he says is for real as his pictures, while proof he is a misogynist and an asshat, is no proof that he is the second coming of Hugh Heffner

      1. Thats also another issue if you ask me. His comments about J-girls have led to people making generalizations about Japan and Japanese women such as it is a place where Western men” flaunt their wealth and shop for wives”. These generalizations overlook the fact that he has committed assault (imo much worse as he is choking them) on white women as well. He’s definitely a misogynist who should be jailed. The question is which country is willing to jail him.

    1. How to spot a misogynist: he dehumanises women in daily conversation by calling them ‘females’.
      Also, what relevance is your comment?

  2. Very good exposure of a really despicable guy. Reminds me of the character Frank Mackey played by Tom Cruise in the movie Magnolia. But it was also disconcerting to reach the end of the article and see the advertisement to “Browse 10,000 Single Asian Women’s Profiles”.

    1. Kevin,
      Yes, he does seem like something out of Magnolia. Except Tom Cruise doesn’t need Rogaine. I apologize for the ads at the end. That’s a little bit out of my control.

  3. i sincerely hope one of the women from his video decides to breach the politeness barrier and bring criminal charges against this jerk. seriously. or else maybe he tries his game in the wrong bar in kabukicho …

      1. Where any man’s dreams or nightmares can come true. It’s the same for women. Or anyone who visits Muse.
        “You can’t lose at Muse.” Yet, you can’t win either.

    1. If being a loud mouth that advocates deceiving women, tricking them, and sexual assault is “bravery”, I’d rather be a coward.

  4. I lived in Japan for almost 17 years. Grew up there and went to school there. I have never seen or heard of foreigners behaving like this dirt bag speaks of. I hope the girls he touches press charges. He is committing sexual assault and it is disgusting.

  5. It seems like it would be easy to organize volunteers with smart phones to make sure that someone is always following him with a video camera for evidence and a flier in Japanese to be distributed to his victims explaining their right to report him to the police, the fact that they will have support, and that there is video evidence and someone backing them up, it would make it easier for a woman who might otherwise simply go home and throw up, to report him to the nearest police box instead.

    Or if he does it to one person, and someone has video evidence that can be taken to the police box and reported to the officer and at least request that they keep an eye on him while he is scumming about in the area.

    1. It’s a good idea. His actions also could possible be 痴漢行為 (molestation) which is possible to prosecute under the 東京都迷惑防止条例. I don’t think that requires a criminal complaint but I’m not sure. Checking.

      1. Any news on this, it would be nice to make it clear to him that if he sets foot on Japanese soil again he will be arrested.

    2. Good point and great suggestion to keep track of him. Unfortunately parasites like this guy fit the profile of the typical sex offender. The video evidence is nearly enough to put him in jail in my home state. Incarceration is not a cure for stupidity, but it’s a start. The innocent need to be protected and idiots need to learn that predatory actions result in consequences. Maybe not a lot of jail time, but at minimum some legal hassles as a future deterent.

    3. If he manages to get in (there’s a change.org petition urging immigration to reject his visa; go sign it!) then I would volunteer to carry the camera or else hand out the flyers.

  6. Some great comments – I lived in Japan for about 9 years. I agree profoundly with one of the comments above – these actions are most likely criminal offenses. He’s documented his actions with a video. Would contacting Immigration in Japan prevent him from going there – they are super strict…really doubt that they’d want this creep back there again. Also – is it possible to contact the Tokyo police? – They may be able to press charges when he gets there (in fact – Immigration might let him in just so the police can press charges…

    1. Louise, it really does require a criminal complaint from the victim to prosecute him. However, if he is here giving a seminar and not just on vacation, there may be visa issues.

      1. Mmm – yes – visa issues… Wondering what visa he came into Australia on – perhaps I can contact Australian immigration – in fact – think I will do just that.

  7. This person is extremely disrespectful and completely sexiest. He should be banned from anywhere, he would cause problems. You do not disrespect those women like that.

  8. What he believes is not the truth. A white male cannot do what he wants here.
    Japanese boys are not too stupid.
    There are bunch of white boys who got arrested by the police or beaten to death by Japanese boys and Yakuzas.
    Anyway, if I see him in Tokyo, I will kill him with my boys.

    I already reported this matter to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.
    It is them who decide which laws apply to this matter, but I think following laws will do the jobs to take him down.

    Article 61. (Inducement)
    1 人を教唆して犯罪を実行させた者には、正犯の刑を科する。
    (1) A person who induces another to commit a crime shall be dealt with in sentencing as a principal.
    2 教唆者を教唆した者についても、前項と同様とする。
    (2) The same shall apply to a person who induces another to induce.

    Article 106. (Disturbance)
    A person who assembles in a crowd and commits an act of assault or intimidation thereby commits the crime of disturbance and shall be sentenced according to the following distinctions:
    一 首謀者は、一年以上十年以下の懲役又は禁錮に処する。
    (i) A ringleader shall be punished by imprisonment with or without work for not less than 1 year but not more than 10 years;
    二 他人を指揮し、又は他人に率先して勢いを助けた者は、六月以上七年以下の懲役又 は禁錮に処する。
    (ii) A person who directs others or takes the lead in stirring up others shall be punished by imprisonment with or without work for not less than 6 months but not more than 7 years;
    三 付和随行した者は、十万円以下の罰金に処する。
    (iii) A person who merely follows others shall be punished by a fine of not more than 100,000 yen.

    Article 176. (Forcible Indecency)
    十三歳以上の男女に対し,暴行又は脅迫を用いてわいせつな行為をした者は,六月以上 十年以下の懲役に処する。十三歳未満の男女に対し,わいせつな行為をした者も,同様と する。
    A person who, through assault or intimidation, forcibly commits an indecent act upon a male or female of not less than thirteen years of age shall be punished by imprisonment with work for not less than 6 months but not more than 10 years. The same shall apply to a person who commits an indecent act upon a male or female under thirteen years of age.

    Article 208. (Assault)
    暴行を加えた者が人を傷害するに至らなかったときは,二年以下の懲役若しくは三十万 円以下の罰金又は拘留若しくは科料に処する。
    When a person assaults another without injuring the other person, the person shall be punished by imprisonment with work for not more than 2 years, a fine of not more than 300,000 yen, misdemeanor imprisonment without work or a petty fine.

    1. Yoshiaki-san,
      Thank you! That is very helpful. May I add this to the post?

    2. Please don’t kill people. Unless you or someone else is directly in physical danger, you are *never* justified in using violence again another human being.

      The best way to stop people like him is though peaceful actions such as we are doing with the change.org petition and other efforts to effectively block him from even entering the country.

      And it shouldn’t end here – he is holding the same kinds of seminars in the USA and Europe. With our collective strength of protest, we can make him persona non gata around the world, and thereby prevent him from spreading his poison. Changing minds and hearts is how we really succeed.

      1. I don’t think anyone plans to kill him. I hope not. Time in prison might be appropriate for him but you’re right, it would be best if he saw the error of his sociopathic ways.

  9. Doesn’t he know the girls he could get are just slutty as you are.
    Those people are not only in Japan but everywhere.
    He is bragging about how he is popular and he can attract women?
    He is disgusting as hell.
    You are just a slice of penis.
    No one likes you. I don’t want you to come to Japan.

    If I see you I cut your penis away.

    1. その気持ちがわかります。ただし、こいつの男根を切断したら犯罪に問われます。器物損壊とか

    2. I wouldn’t be so quick to call all those girls he does this to “sluts” – not the ones in the video anyway of him shoving their head down to his crotch. It looks like they don’t know what’s happening. I mean, who would be prepared for anyone to do that? It’s terrible that he’s taking advantage of women who are too shocked or don’t have strong enough boundaries to stand up for themselves in these situations.

      Also, I wonder what happened after those moments he shows in the video. I can’t believe he’s never been beaten if not at least slapped or something for this behavior.

  10. I want people know that not every Japanese girl is like that stupid to just follow him and let him do.
    Most of my girl friends don’t even talk back to the guys if they don’t want.
    He get only girls who wants to play like he does.
    I don’t want him to confuse the people who don’t know our culture that Asian or Japanese people are easy.

    Please don’t come to Japan.
    Your humanity is disgusting.

    1. Thank you for writing in. この男は最低の男尊女卑主義の輩です。国籍に関係なく嫌な奴です。歓迎されるはずがない。

  11. Seriously indeed, the way he introduced himself he do sound like a piece of fuck, who got nothing else in his brain than fuck pussy….Therefore as something in the middle between what he is doing and normal shy person. I know that all these who are complaining, are having sex once per months (if lucky), and be realistic, 80% of guys who are out, if they can fuck (specially if a pussy will come by itself) you’ll take it without even thinking, so stop this critics. Girls are not stupid either, if they do ONS so they need a man, that’s it…

  12. He is attacking a girl on duty. So this one can also apply to this matter. I think I will contact the convenience store’s main office to send a report of damage to the police. He and his group members are too stupid. All stores have 24-hours-365-days-recording security video cameras. Only Japanese word they can read was pikachu so they did not notice that.

    第三十五章 信用及び業務に対する罪
    Chapter XXXV. Crimes against Credit and Business

    Article 234. (Forcible Obstruction of Business)


    A person who obstructs the business of another by force shall be dealt with in the same manner as proscribed under the preceding Article.

  13. Hello – just wanted to let you know that about 21 minutes ago The Guardian Australia posted a story stating that Julien Blanc had his visa cancelled…and has left Australia. Dread to think that he intends to continue on to Japan – surely a cancelled Australian visa is a very big reason for Japanese Immigration to prevent him from entering.

  14. Such a shallow, empty, pathetic guy he is. I feel sorry for his family, too. I’m a Japanese woman who spent 25 years in Japan, and yes, I have seen many English teachers like him (no offense to ESL teachers in Japan though). Those back home losers take advantage of Japanese women’s politeness, shyness, and language barrier to push them into situations where they cannot say NO. Seriously girls, let’s be more assertive. An adult man approaches you repeating ‘pikachu’ ‘pokemon’!? I would get creeped out.

  15. As a South Korean woman….born in Seoul & living in NY, CA & FL I can assure you that I know what I’m talking about.

    First, you are the ugliest American man I have ever seen & would not give you the time of day in any country. Second, it is quite obvious you have “yellow fever,” by all your ignorant & repulsive videos. Thirdly, you have absolutely no respect for women and have to prey on those who do not speak English because you are so pathetic. Fourth, you are the most arrogant, manipulative self-proclaimed “executive.” Really, you are conning people out of money & embarrassing America to other countries who might view other respectable American men negatively. You need to find an actual job because from what I see on the news, being imprisoned in Japan is not something you will be able to talk your out of. Lastly, I’m sure you have the smallest penis ever so exploiting others makes you feel better about yourself.

    -Asian woman

  16. You are a disgrace!!!! How do you feel that you are a qualified expert on talking to women? You cannot speak their language, have cameras and are forcibly placing your hands on them!! Then, you are so entitled to grab their head and push it towards your crotch? It didn’t look enjoyable….you are repulsive, immature and should look in the mirror!!! Seriously!!

  17. I think these guys from RSD are so socially inept that they think that grabing and physically groping random chicks is “okay” as long as the girl giggles or “goes along with it” and doesn’t resist. What they don’t realize is the real reason they do that is probably because they’re utterly shocked when some random huge guy accosts them.

  18. If you think the man is bad, do not have sexual relations with him. If he doesn’t get sexual relations through this behaviour, he’ll stop acting like that, as obtaining sexual intercourse with women is clearly his priority. Repeat this for all heterosexual men you find odious.

    Problem solved. You’re welcome.

    If women didn’t like this kind of man, they wouldn’t exist.

  19. I once encountered this behaviors when I was in Tokyo. It looked to me that our Asian girls does not know how to handle threat from a different culture.

    I promptly stop his action. But its not over. I saw the white guy stalking the girl and tried to approach her. I then forced him to stop.

    Our Asian girl must know that some white guy always try to use their race and color. If you do not want him, just reject him like you did for Asian boy. No need to afraid.

    For our Asian boys, the white male may not be as strong as we think. They may look strong but their muscle strength does not differ from us too much. Try protect your girls as much as you can.

    Don’t forget, we screwed them in Vietnam and North Korea. Paper tigers though. Still is today.

  20. I am new to this site but this is crap western men do. They bitch and complain about Western women when they are the problem in their own societies. I Mean in the rocketnews(The site itself is one big weeboo interpretation of Japan.) comment area to why Japanese girls like western men, the men who posted there were atrocious. One guy used pseudoscience to tell a 30 year old virgin that he will be weeded out by nature because he is a 30 year old virgin. I look at the guys facebook page white machismo redneck. Another guy told the guy to kill himself. On his facebook page again misogyny. He hates women. It is these types of men that give men of all colors a bad name and they should kicked out of their own countries.

  21. If that kind of behavior didn’t score women for him, he wouldn’t do it. Who is really at fault, people?

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