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  • Today Japan starts dumping its nuclear waste into the ocean. 

Today Japan starts dumping its nuclear waste into the ocean. 

"Japan’s decision to go forward with the release of the treated, radioactively contaminated water is not surprising, but certainly disappointing.  Both Japan and the IAEA can turn a challenging situation…

TEPCO makes $4.3 Billion in 2013 despite meltdown. Crime doesn’t pay, criminal negligence does

TEPCO posted a profit for the first time since the nuclear meltdown. The amount is less than the ¥47 billion the government gave to the company last September.

Fucked Up Puppy? No, Fukuppy is just a mascot lost in translation. (He’s not from Fukushima either)

The text above Fukuppy, announces that he was born as a corporate character for Fukushima Industries. He introduces himself as "Fukuppy" and says the Japanese equivalent of pleased to meet…

3,300 participate in nuclear evacuation drill in Satsumasendai, 40,000 rally in Tokyo against nuclear power

Over the past weekend, the Japanese government conducted its first major nuclear disaster drill ever since the 3/11 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant triple meltdowns. It was a two-day drill…

“Japan needs to put data in English”, says International Atomic Energy Agency

IAEA to work with Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority on Fukushima nuclear disaster monitoring  After a meeting held in Tokyo with the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),…

In Fukushima, the kids aren’t all right, says documentary A2-B-C (Sept.14th)

The title comes from the code that is use to express the results of thyroid cancer screening in the medical world. The Japanese government vehemently denies any links to thyroid…

The Melting Sun: Japan’s Nuclear Follies

"They (the Japanese power companies including TEPCO) are also seeking to extend the shelf life of their plants to 60 years, double what experts thought prudent when they built the…