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ByStephanie Nakajima

May 3, 2013

Women of the Yakuza

Young Japanese Men and Women Reject Marriage, and Ultimately Each Other

Hafu – The Film

Book Review: Introduction to Zen

Occupy Tokyo: Another Good Excuse to Come Out and Hate on TEPCO

Japan-related blogs now have a homebase!

Japan’s First Food Bank: Applying Japanese Efficiency to the Problem of Hunger

20msv/yr: What Does The Rest Of The World Think?

Protesters Come Out in Record Numbers Against Nuclear Power

TEPCO’s “Severe Accident Manual” Takes On Barcode Hairstyle

North Korea Turns 63, Party Guests Seem Kinda Angry

Yakuza Friendly Hotels–on the way out. Goodbye Nine-Fingered Discount!

The New Sex-Ed: Yakuza Awareness Classes

Taro Kono: A new leader for a new LDP?

NISA Needs To Take Evil Lessons

Death by Pufferfish: A short story by Mayumi Shimose Poe

Book Review: Reimagining Japan

Japanese study finds correlation between exhaust fumes and asthma

Fashion model exodus from Tokyo!

Of earthquakes, tsunami and the ephemeral

Years of Disaster Drills Prevents Tsunami Deaths At Iwate Prefecture Junior High and Elementary Schools

U.S. Embassy Cool With Current Radiation Levels

Please No Stealing! Please!

Latest Travel Warning from the State Department

The Coast Guard Who Tried to Rescue Japan

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