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  • Japan’s Toxic Olympics: 10,000 Deaths and more to come

Japan’s Toxic Olympics: 10,000 Deaths and more to come

There is a Japanese saying, (悪因悪果) that “from bad beginnings come bad endings”. Holding the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in the midst of a pandemic will not end well. The Tokyo…

TEPCO makes $4.3 Billion in 2013 despite meltdown. Crime doesn’t pay, criminal negligence does

TEPCO posted a profit for the first time since the nuclear meltdown. The amount is less than the ¥47 billion the government gave to the company last September.

Freelance journalist vs “Nuclear Mafia”: the good guys win…for now

Minoru Tanaka’s story is the story of one man, one journalist. He was sued over one year and half ago for one story he wrote about a shadowy figure in…

“Strong In The Rain” shines among books on Japan’s 3/11

The message of "Strong In The Rain" in its tale of foreign and Japanese heroes and villains--and there are both, remains with the reader long after the book is done.…