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Ghost in the Shell: The Matrix of Sci-Fi Anime

With the newest Ghost in the Shell film in theaters, and a live-action version on the horizon, it's important to take a look back at what made the original so…

Anime Jazz: A Japanese Genre that Really Swings

Jazz and anime go together well in Japan---like mayo on Takoyaki. In both “Bebop” and “Kids on the Slope” there’s a visualization of the coolness of jazz that is rarely…

Tokyo Pop: See it, believe it, breathe it. (Especially if you’re human sculpture)

"Tokyo is a place where tradition and new trends exist side by side. There are zones in the city that have specific character and others where everything is possible. From…

Competition In Japanese Digital Comics Gets Bloody; Mamoru Oshii haemophobic?

Blood-Stained Mai Love by Mamoru Oshii is a black comedy about a high school student with a fetish for donating blood and his strange friendship with Mai, a wandering Transylvanian…