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The Japanese Sex Industry: Finding a job that’s right for you (REPOSTING)


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Originally posted as Fuzoku Friday: Finding a Job That’s Right For You on November 20th, 2009

Last week we talked about magazines and websites for fuzoku job hunters, but for those looking to dive into the industry and start their career in high-paying part-time work (高収入アルバイト), the variety of work available must be daunting. How is a girl to know what kind of job best suits her personality?

LunLun Work is once again here to help, with a handy work guide that simply and clearly lays out a description, demands and money-making potential for sex industry jobs from “lingerie cabarets” to soaplands. For example:

"Image Club"

Image Club

Good for idiots: 3

No nudity required: 4

Work when you want: 4

Easy stand-by: 4

Calorie burner: 4

Payment: 4-stars (At a shop) 3-stars (Delivery-style)

Here girls dress in various types of costumes, such as a schoolgirl, nurse or maid, and roleplay with customers. Playing pretend can be fun!

"Sexy Pub"

Sexy Pub

Good for idiots: 4

No nudity required: 4

Work when you want: 4

Easy stand-by: 3

Calorie burner: 3

Payment: 2.5-stars (At a shop)

Girls let customers cop a feel while having a chat “cabaret” style. Because there’s no quotas or hard services, this line of work is ideal for beginners.

"Seikan Aeste"

Seikan Aeste

Good for idiots: 4

No nudity required: 2

Work when you want: 3

Easy stand-by: 4

Calorie burner: 4

Payment: 3-stars (At a shop), 2.5-stars (Delivery-style)

Massage customers’ naughty bits. For girls who think, “I don’t want to be touched by guys…” or “I hate being on the receiving end..” this job is for you. Girls can generally keep their clothes on, making this a good job for beginners.

"Kosai Club"

Kosai Club

Good for idiots: 2

No nudity required: 5

Work when you want: 5

Easy stand-by: 5

Calorie burner: 1

Payment: 2.5-stars (Delivery-style)

Go on dates with men registered with the service. Because both men and the call girls are registered workers can feel safe. The job essentially involves just going out for dinner and drinks, and whatever else couples might do. If you don’t like the guy, it’s OK to say “NO”!!



Good for idiots: 1

No nudity required: 2

Work when you want: 4

Easy stand-by: 4

Calorie burner: 4

Payment: 3.5-stars (At a shop), 3.5-stars (Delivery-style)

Fulfill men’s fantasies by playing S or M. While there are some places that practice harder play, recently there’s been an increasing number of soft businesses. Because customers are paying a premium price, salaries here are higher then usual.

Not only do magazines such as LunLun Work provide an ample number of available jobs for those looking to make some quick yen through sex work, but they also provide simple, cut-to-the-chase information for the curious newbie.

Information provided here is not meant to promote nor criticize the sex industry or sex workers, and is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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