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Month: July 2015

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  • Nikkei buys the Financial Times: Have The Lunatics Taken Over the Asylum?

Nikkei buys the Financial Times: Have The Lunatics Taken Over the Asylum?

"The Financial Times broke the story on the massive Olympus Accounting Fraud while Nikkei ignored it and was a mouthpiece for Olympus for the first week. Why should we believe…

With “The War Bill” Looming, Japan’s Press & Academia Rebel Against Team Abe

Professors Koichi Nakano, Mari Osawa and Manabu Sato visited the FCCJ on Friday to once again explain why more than 95% of political scholars are against this new bill that…

The 70 Year Fallout: A Lament for Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Editor’s note: This year it will be 70 years since the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. What is not widely known is that Japan was working on building its own atomic…

In Japan, Hamster Asses Are Cute. Cute my ass, hamsters are homicidal rodents.

Next time, you're fawning over a cute hamster butt, look closely and you may notice the blood stained hairs that are probably the trace evidence of their cannibalized lover or…

Humanities to be Outlawed at Public Universities

The Japanese government has now decided to systematically remove the teaching of humanities and the fine arts at public universities

This week in Hate Mongering In Japan: Fuji TV wins for Korean mistranslation ‘sans malice’

Another scene had a Korean man reportedly saying the equivalent of the US racist cliche, "Some of my best friends are black." In the scene shown, the man is subtitled…