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Month: October 2012

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  • Little Mermaids & Little Fingers: An illustrated yakuza tale

Little Mermaids & Little Fingers: An illustrated yakuza tale

The next time I ran into Shira she told me I shouldn't expect to see Shin again. He probably wasn't coming back. "Not coming back?" I asked puzzled. "You don't…

Yakuza Comix #2: The Buck Stops With The Boss

In 2008 revisions were made to the Organized Crime Countermeasures Law (暴力団対策法) which made it possible to hold organized crime bosses responsible for the actions of their underlings in civil…

It’s Not Easy Being a Yakuza Boss (Part 1)

These days the price of a standard civilian hit-job can run as high as $2 million. That’s not the price to get the job done―that’s the price if one of…

Three Lessons I Learned On The Police Beat: For My High School

I wanted to share with the students the things in life I wish I'd learned when I was younger. 継続は力 (Keizoku wa Chikara). Persistence is power. Sometimes, the only difference…

Won’t Get Burned Again? Japan Nuclear Industry And the Mihama Accident

As Japan gets ready to restart nuclear reactors across the country, perhaps it’s time to take a look back at past nuclear mishaps to see if anything has been learned.…

UPDATE: Japan’s 3rd Most Powerful Yakuza Boss Arrested On Money Laundering Charges

This week Kazuo aka Kazuya Uchibori, the de facto head of the Inagawa-kai, Japan’s 3rd largest organized crime group, turned himself into the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. He was wanted on…

「組長って辛いよ」 後藤組組員らによる殺人事件関連損害賠償請求訴訟の背景

この頃、かたぎ(一般人)の殺害の費用が2億円近くにまで値上がりをしてしまい、それは殺人依頼の額ではなく、組員が殺人を起こした時の賠償額なのだ! 元をたとれば、殺人のインフレの始まりは、山口組末端組員の愚行だ。数年前、京都府のマグドナルドで山口組末端組員がチーズバーガーを食い逃げした事に始まり上部団体組長や山口組組長にまでに求められて損害賠償の動きが高まってきた。