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  • "Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation in Japan. The New Victims: Japanese Teenagers"

"Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation in Japan. The New Victims: Japanese Teenagers"

Japanese female teenagers are being used to replace foreign women in the sex-trafficking industry, possibly as a result of crackdowns by the Japanese government against the exploitation of foreign women…

Newspapers Catch Up To Our Goto Coverage: 毎日新聞と朝日新聞は遅れて後藤組問題の結末を報道

October 20th, 2008. Japan’s top two newspapers covered the end of Goto Tadamasa’s reign as head of the Goto-gumi today. Probably, they didn’t feel this was the most pressing of stories. Maybe they didn’t have the resources to stay on top of the story. Who knows? …

Yakuza bosses take legal classes to evade strict new law

Japan's most powerful gangsters are mugging up on legal terminology in an attempt to skirt strict new laws that make them liable for crimes committed by their henchmen.

Living With The Mob: Yakuza Deeply Rooted In Japan

  YAKUZA WARS by David McNeill and Jake Adelstein A bloody dispute between two rival Yakuza groups in a southern Japanese city has led to a historic fight-back by local…

From The Guardian: Residents go to courts to evict yakuza

Residents of a city in western Japan this week became the first to turn to the courts for help in ridding their neighbourhood of organised crime, amid fears that they…

Rainy Day Yakuza #10,001

I hate them. Most yakuza do. People get taken out when it rains -- the rain washes away the blood, the trace evidence, the footprints, everything. You can't hear a…

Tokyo Vice featured in South China Post Sunday Book Section

The stories Jake Adelstein wrote as a crime reporter for a Japanese newspaper have earned him and his family a death threat from one of the country’s most notorious and…