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  • “Comfort Women” Show Makes Nikon Uncomfortable But Not Tokyo Courts

“Comfort Women” Show Makes Nikon Uncomfortable But Not Tokyo Courts

The “Comfort Women” Photo Exhibition makes Japanese historical revisionists and right-wingers uncomfortable. Nikon cancelled the showing but relented after Tokyo District Court ordered them to hold the show. “I cannot…

"Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation in Japan. The New Victims: Japanese Teenagers"

Japanese female teenagers are being used to replace foreign women in the sex-trafficking industry, possibly as a result of crackdowns by the Japanese government against the exploitation of foreign women…

Prostitution isn't just for Professionals anymore! How to find a high-paying job in Japan's Sex Industry.

In Japan, prostitution isn’t just for professionals anymore. The quasi-legal sex industry in Japan is estimated to be a multi-billion dollar market and all signs indicate that it continues to…