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Meditations on long-form journalism, Japan, Bitcoin and Justice

When you write about Japan, you have to assume that many readers aren't following your story---or they may know little about the country and culture. . They may be coming…

Bitcoin Exchange Kraken Joins The Mt Gox Investigation; The collapse still shrouded in darkness

Ten months after Mt Gox’s fiasco, bitcoin businesses launch one after the other in Japan, one of the rare countries where bitcoin is easily regulated. Concerns rise over the ability…

Tokyo gets its first Bitcoin ATM–at The Pink Cow of all places

Tokyo first Bitcoin ATM is operational--at a bar and restaurant in the middle of Roppongi.

Mt.Gox: The Bitcoin Exchange Eruption Timeline

How did Mt.Gox, once the largest #Bitcoin exchange fall apart and why couldn't it be saved. (To the best of my knowledge) Magic Trading Cards & Magic Money

The bad aftertaste of Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox’s collapse

“Essentially,” said the former employee, “Mt. Gox was a dysfunctional organization. Nobody was doing accounting reconciliation and there was an exploitable fault in the transaction system that allowed people to…