Japan’s Season Of Culinary Death Is Almost Over; Goodbye And Thanks For All The Mochi

Every country celebrates the holidays in their own way: Americans decorate Christmas trees, Germans drink Glühwein (mulled wine) and the Japanese make and consume rice cakes (mochi). Last year at the close of December, Japan’s largest organised crime group, the Yamaguchi-gumi even had the... Read More

Happy New Year 2017! 謹賀新年

Gentle readers, Thank you for spending another year with JSRC (Japan Subculture Research Center). This year we’ve posted some great articles, some useful reference materials, and next year we hope to publish more. We will be back in mid-January of 2017, with a new sense of purpose, new... Read More

Happy New Year 2015! Beware of the Wolves, Don’t be a Sheep, and Take Care of Your Flock :D

Welcome to the Sheep Year! Of course, nobody wants to be a sheep. We’re more like watchdogs here at Japan Subculture Research Center. Benevolent wolves. Not being able to think of anything better, I’m borrowing the benedictions below, which are also the vows of a Bosatsu 菩薩,... Read More