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Japan Subculture Research Center Back From Hibernation:冬眠が終了

by Jake Adelstein JSRC has been in hibernation for most of November, while I’ve been re-evaluating my place in the world after Goto Tadamasa’s fall from power, making a living,…

Tokyo Vice featured in South China Post Sunday Book Section

The stories Jake Adelstein wrote as a crime reporter for a Japanese newspaper have earned him and his family a death threat from one of the country’s most notorious and…

Jake Adelstein Featured on BBC World Service

The BBC's International Radio Station did a story on Wednesday's program on Jake Adelstein becoming an "accidentally intrepid" crime reporter. The information on the July 16th Program can be found…

Tokyo Vice Featured on Australian ABC Radio International's "The Media Report"

So, where to start? Well let's begin with the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza, and the desire of one mob boss to terminate (with extreme prejudice) the career of an American-born…