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Paternity Harassment Press Conference At (Labor Ministry/厚労省記者クラブ) today at 3PM

As reported last month, an equity sales manager at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co. has filed a claim against the Japan-based brokerage, asserting that he’s been the victim of “paternity harassment” since 2015. He asked the Tokyo District Court to order the firm to withdraw its decision to put him on unpaid leave and recognize his rights as a father.

The case is drawing attention not only internationally but also in Japan, bringing attention to the bullying of working parents — a social problem that undoubtedly contributes to Japan’s declining birth rate. The bullying of working parents was recently highlighted when municipal lawmaker,Yuka Ogata, brought her 7-month-old baby to her job in the overwhelmingly male Japanese legislature, outraging members, who finally kicked her and the baby out. But working mothers aren’t the only ones subject to harassment. Fathers can also be treated badly.  The father, Glen Wood, will be having a press conference today at December 16th at the Labor Ministry Press Club (厚労省記者クラブ). The details are below.

Editor’s note: From time to time, @Japankenkyu aka Japan Subculture Research Center does post press releases, especially when they relate to articles or subject matter previously published here, such as maternity harassment,  or articles by contributors. 




For Immediate Distribution

Contact: Yoshitaka Imaizumi, Lawyer

Tokyo Law Office


Phone 03-3355-0611

Fax 03-3357-5742

(English) imaizumi@tokyolaw.gr.jp

Yotsuya Eki Mae Biru, Yotsuya 1-4

Shinjuku, Tokyo

Tokyo Law Office


Press Release

Paternity Harassment Press Conference to be Held at the 厚労省記者クラブ

or the Ministry of Labor Press Club, 3pm Friday December 15th

Mr. Glen Wood vs. Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities

Ministry of Labor Press Club, 3pm, Friday December 15th, 2017:

In this case of Mr. Glen Wood vs Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co. Ltd we are formally  filing a law suit seeking compensation  for damages  together with confirmation  of employment status and wage payment.

As has been reported, we filed a temporary injunction on October 26, 2017 stating that Mr. Wood had been harassed upon application for paternity leave. Further, upon returning to work the company refused to return him to his duties which after many months of negotiations led to Mr. Wood becoming depressed.

The company’s court arguments so far have been outrageous and deserve social criticism. Firstly, as an absolute condition to Mr. Wood’s reinstatement to his job the company insists that Mr. Wood have the media publish an equal number of articles stating that the situation was  simply  a  misunderstanding.  Further,  the  company  is  stating  that  Mr.  Wood  has  a “persecution  complex”  that has resulted in him feeling harassed.  This is despite having 3 doctor’s statements verifying that Mr. Wood is fine and should be returned to his job. One of those doctor’s statements is from Mitsubishi’s own company employed doctor.

Thus, we file this law suit and hold this press conference where we shall share all color and recent events in real time for those in attendance.

Attendees:  Mr. Yoshitaka Imaizumi, Senior Counsel

Mr. Daiki Enatsu, Counsel

Mr. Glen S. Wood, Plaintiff


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