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Japan Subculture Research Center Back From Hibernation:冬眠が終了


Dec 11, 2008

by Jake Adelstein

JSRC has been in hibernation for most of November, while I’ve been re-evaluating my place in the world after Goto Tadamasa’s fall from power, making a living, and working on the Japanese draft of TOKYO VICE. The book may end up coming out in Japanese before it comes out in English.  

Many interesting things have happening in Japan’s underworld while we were away and we hope to share them with you by the end of December. By the way, if anyone has questions about the yakuza, crime in Japan, the latest strange trends in the country, or suggestions for something you’d like to see on this site–feel free to write in.

3 thoughts on “Japan Subculture Research Center Back From Hibernation:冬眠が終了”
  1. Hi

    Been keeping my eye on the site for a while, enjoying both the blog and the various articles/reports.

    I’m putting an assignment (possible dissertation) together about the relationship between the Japanese Government, Police and the Yakuza. I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of any useful resources?

    Any and all help appreciated.


    – Chris

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