The FCCJ Freedom Of Press Awards

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The Foreign Correspondent’s Club Of Japan Freedom Of Press Awards 2015 

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The FCCJ Freedom of the Press Awards exist to confer due recognition upon journalists whose work represents the finest in defense of free speech, open society, and democratic accountability, with a particular eye to issues connected with, or touching upon, the Japanese experience. Prizes are awarded in five categories:


The Prizes (報道賞)

Japan Investigative Journalism Awards  〔調査報道賞)

These would be awarded for one or more worthy works done on a Japan-related topic that is first published, broadcast or otherwise transmitted between March 31 the previous year to March 31 the year of the award. The work can be a single story or series, and must be authored, written or produced by journalist based within or outside Japan. Awarded annually. The work should be about something that authorities or the parties involved did not want known to the public and was brought to light due to diligent work.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Given to a journalist or individual who has dedicated their life to promoting freedom of the press and freedom of speech. Candidates must be based in Japan. Awarded only if suitable candidate is found.

Friend of the Free Press

Candidates must be based in Japan and can include lawyers, activists, whistleblowers, those working on a campaign for freedom of press, among others. Awarded annually.

Publication of the Year

Given to a publication or website based in Japan for general excellence in investigative journalism. Awarded annually.

Fallen Heroes

Awarded to a journalist killed in action. Candidates based within or outside Japan. Awarded only if suitable candidate is found.


Brief Notes:

Eligibility for Nominators  (推薦者の資格)

Anyone who belongs to one of the following organisations, or works for a recognised media organization, such as a wire service or newspaper in Japan, can nominate an article, series, book, television production, radio, or web article. Authors and publications may nominate their own work. Nominations outside of these criteria may also be considered, but in order to streamline the process these are the conditions for now.

Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan (外国特派員協会)

Japan National Press Club (日本記者クラブ Nippon Kisha Kurabu)

Free  Information Association (自由報道協会 jiyuu houdou kyokai)

Nihon Shinbun Kyokai (日本新聞協会)

Minpo Renmei (民放連盟)

Zasshi Kyokai (雑誌協会)

AAJA (Asian American Journalists Association)

Eligibility For Nominees  (候補者の資格)

Any professional writer, citizen journalist, or reporter who has done work concerning Japan that would qualify them for any of the five awards.


Please consult our Q & A for more information. Nominations are open to all experienced journalists from around the world.

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