Saying Goodbye To Japan

REPOSTED (with permission). There have been countless blogs written by those visiting Japan for a short time, a long time, or just long enough to write a blog. The longer you’re in Japan, the more jaded one tends to become about the things that make being here so interesting in the first place. This last entry from a teacher who left here a year ago, struck me as capturing much of what I would miss if I left this place forever.  The author... Read More

The Ministry Of Sickness And Death: An unpublished chapter of Tokyo Vice

Tokyo Vice: An American On The Police Beat In Japan, my first book, hit the bookstores five years ago today on October 15th, 2009. Today is also the day I’m turning in the second draft of my second book, which will be released next year. The book’s title may have changed, the book will still be a narrative about the last 70 years of Japanese history told through the lives of yakuza and the cops that sometimes befriended them and sometimes... Read More

Japan wrestles with 1st dengue fever outbreak since 1945; US warns Americans to avoid bloodsuckers

Tiger mosquitos, or aedes albopictus, carry the dengue virus. Source: Wikimedia Commons  “Bone Break Fever”  On September 5th,  the US Embassy declared Tokyo “a dengue fever zone” and urged Americans staying in Japan to take precautions as the number of those infected within the country passed fifty. There has not been an outbreak of dengue fever in Japan since 1945. The Tokyo Metropolitan government, after finding mosquitoes carrying... Read More

The UN Hates Japan’s Hate Speech Indifference; LDP May Love Chance To Shut Up Protesters

Japan does not outlaw hate speech or hate crimes. Japanese bookstores are rife with anti-Korean magazines and periodicals that asperse Korea and ethnic Koreans living in Japan. This is a recent round-up of slurs and hate filled prose, including off-colour remarks from a Japanophile white man in Texas—Texas Daddy. (テキサス親父)Because who could know more about Korean and Japanese history than a white guy in Texas? September 1st The United... Read More

Abysmal Man: A Charisma Man in Japan For Our Generation

If you have been in Japan long enough, you know Charisma Man, the ubiquitous white English teacher (often Canadian on a working holiday) who finds himself transformed into a super powerful chick magnet as soon as he arrives upon these shore in the Land of The Rising Sun. From the website, here is his story.   Charisma Man first appeared in the February 1998 issue of the ‘The Alien’ magazine, and immediately catapulted into legendary-status... Read More

And justice after all? Prosecutor Review Board Say “Charge TEPCO Execs with criminal negligence”

The Fifth Tokyo Prosecutorial Board announced a decision yesterday that three former executives of the Tokyo Electric Power (東京電力)company, including former Chariman Tsunehisa Katsumata (勝俣恒久元会長)  should be prosecuted for criminal negligence resulting in death and injury for the triple nuclear meltdown in March of 2011.  They also scolded the Tokyo Prosecutor’s Office (TPO)for letting them off the hook. The Prosecutorial... Read More

Fight For Your Right To (Dance) Party Past Midnight In Japan!

You have to write for your right to (dance party) 夜明けまで踊りたいなら警察庁に意見を伝え、政府を踊らせよう! Put on those dancing shoes!…in a few months. Maybe. The National Police Agency of Japan is at long last (and after much public pressure) considering revising Japan’s archaic adult entertainment laws to allow dancing past midnight!  Yes, Japan may finally be going footloose. From today, July 25th,... Read More

“My pussy (まんこ) is not indecent!” Japanese artist fights sexist obscenity laws

“My pussy (マンコ) is not obscene.” The Japanese artist, Megumi Igarashi, who was arrested July 12th (a Saturday) for distributing “obscene” design files that can be used to make 3-D-printed models of her vagina was released from custody last Friday the 18th, in Japan. The artist Rokudenashiko holds up the comic book she wrote explaining why she makes art about female genitalia & her own vagina. (After being released from custody for... Read More

High court upholds hate speech ruling

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons The Osaka High Court upheld a previous lower court ruling banning the use of hate speech by an anti-Korean group which had been holding rallies in front of a Korean school in Kyoto. The court ordered ultra right-wing group Zaitokukai (在特会), whose name translates to Citizens against the Special Privileges of the Zainichi, to pay ¥12.26 million in damages to the school and banned the group from holding hate-speech... Read More

Sexist jibes at Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Spark & Ignite Protests

A few days after the debacle,  a post that was meant to to show Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s support for women, due to some bad English usage with a different meaning when read as Japanese, ended up saying, “Hey all you women in Japan, drop dead!” “Can’t you make babies!?”— A online petition calling for punishment of a Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly  member who hurled sexist comments at a fellow female assembly... Read More

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