Fight For Your Right To (Dance) Party Past Midnight In Japan!

You have to write for your right to (dance party) 夜明けまで踊りたいなら警察庁に意見を伝え、政府を踊らせよう! Put on those dancing shoes!…in a few months. Maybe. The National Police Agency of Japan is at long last (and after much public pressure) considering revising Japan’s archaic adult entertainment laws to allow dancing past midnight!  Yes, Japan may finally be going footloose. From today, July 25th,... Read More

“My pussy (まんこ) is not indecent!” Japanese artist fights sexist obscenity laws

“My pussy (マンコ) is not obscene.” The Japanese artist, Megumi Igarashi, who was arrested July 12th (a Saturday) for distributing “obscene” design files that can be used to make 3-D-printed models of her vagina was released from custody last Friday the 18th, in Japan. The artist Rokudenashiko holds up the comic book she wrote explaining why she makes art about female genitalia & her own vagina. (After being released from custody for... Read More

High court upholds hate speech ruling

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons The Osaka High Court upheld a previous lower court ruling banning the use of hate speech by an anti-Korean group which had been holding rallies in front of a Korean school in Kyoto. The court ordered ultra right-wing group Zaitokukai (在特会), whose name translates to Citizens against the Special Privileges of the Zainichi, to pay ¥12.26 million in damages to the school and banned the group from holding hate-speech... Read More

Sexist jibes at Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Spark & Ignite Protests

A few days after the debacle,  a post that was meant to to show Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s support for women, due to some bad English usage with a different meaning when read as Japanese, ended up saying, “Hey all you women in Japan, drop dead!” “Can’t you make babies!?”— A online petition calling for punishment of a Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly  member who hurled sexist comments at a fellow female assembly... Read More

Japan on the whale path again; kills 30 minke in latest hunt

  The Japanese Fisheries agency announced that the results of the April-June whaling season in the northwest Pacific Ocean. 30 Minke whales were killed in the name of “research.” Media sources have come out with headlines such as “Japan Kills 30 Whales in 1st Hunt Since ICJ Ruling.” It should be noted, however, that there is no connection between the International Court of Justice ruling from this March and the recent hunting season.... Read More

Get ready to dance in the streets–Japan to revise anti-dance laws! (Maybe)

  The Japanese government will submit a bill to revise the controversial laws regulating dance clubs this fall in a special Diet session, the Mainichi Shimbun reported. National Public Safety Commission Chair Keiji Furuya told reporters after a Cabinet meeting that the government will soon establish a group of experts at the National Police Agency to discuss the issue. Furuya said that the proposed revisions to the current Entertainment Business... Read More

No Spitting On The Train…Staff or Conductor. Japan Commuter Etiquette #1

  Violence against station staff is a crime–and JR reportedly will be releasing a new series of posters this year to remind passengers to show a little curtesy to railway staff–even if the train is 15 minutes late. This isn’t the first time that JR has used posters to get a message across. In 2011, JR launched one of their biggest campaigns with slogans such as “It’s a crime to spit on the station staff.”... Read More

International Court orders Japan to stop part of its whaling program; Japan wails in protest

Photo: Guillaume Bression / Trois8 / Tokyo-Prod, Wada prt in Minamiboso, Japan On March 31st, 2014, Japan lost a court case at the International Court of Justice in La Hague, which was launched by Australia four years ago, seeking to force Japan to stop its whale hunting activities in the Antarctic Ocean. It will not end whaling in Japan. The decision does not apply to whaling in the Pacific Ocean, but will strongly affect Japan’s commercial whaling... Read More

Japan’s Designated Secrets Law: All you ever wanted to know but should be afraid to ask. (LOL)

On December 7th, the ruling bloc of the Japanese government passed into law a Secrecy bill which many feel threatens freedom of the speech and the freedom of the press. For those who are interested in finding more about Japan’s Designated Secrets Law, here are source materials that you may find useful.  These are material distributed to the foreign press by the Cabinet Office last week before the bill became law. The Abe cabinet promised to... Read More

Japan Passes Draconian Secrecy Bill Into Law: Journalists, Whistleblowers are now “terrorists”

December 9th, Tokyo* (Updated from December 7th post)  The Prime Minister Abe Shinzo (LDP) led ruling coalition passed the ominous new Designated Secrets Bill yesterday in the middle of the night on December 7th (Friday, Tokyo time), apparently fearing that the light of another day, or the harsh radiation of the truth, would cause the legislation to shrivel up and die. The ruling government cut off debate and forced a vote in the upper house of... Read More

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