Who Matters? Sexual Assault and Inadequate Police Response in Japan

Recently Japan Subculture Research Center’s acting editor-in-chief, Jake Adelstein,  and managing editor, Mari Yamamoto, published an article, “Do Men In Japan Ever Get Convicted For Rape?” in the Daily Beast on the need for change in the sexual assault laws and the handling... Read More

Ladies of Japan: Last chance to be “The New Spice girl!” or World Idol! Apply By February 23rd!

Remember the Spice Girls? (Like a AKB48 but with human rights and a decent salary)—Well, the man who launched them and produced the show American Idol, is creating a new global group, Now United, and he’s looking for a Japanese woman to join the team. If you’re a young Japanese... Read More

Snake Venom, Bee Toxin, Horse Oil, Snail Slime: Saving Face in Japan is Icky Fun

The Face and Lip Mask Haul Japan is a country where saving face is paramount—even if that means covering it with snake venom, bee toxin, horse oil, or snail slime. One company in Japan has been tremendously successful by catering to the Japanese love for looking good, thus saving face, and... Read More

Celebrate Japanese Cinema Day: 映画の日! Ninja! Yakuza! Cyborgs! Reviews!

Since 1956, Japan’s film industry has set aside a day to celebrate the birth of cinema in this country. December 1st, 2016, marks the 60th anniversary. The holiday is also known a 映画の日 (eiga no hi). The first showing of a film is generally considered to have happened in 1896... Read More

“Does My Gaijin Husband Go Good With My Dress?” Mixed Marriage in France & Japan

  One of the abiding myths that exist among the Japanese is that we are a single race nation. The school system teaches among other things, that no one, but absolutely no one, lives here except us Japanese-speaking, NHK-loving folk, firmly entrenched in samurai values and our ethical values... Read More

Wearable Technology Tells How Your Pets Feel

https://d2nj14si6cadzm.cloudfront.net/d6/d60fa8a2995563b58a2db1fdc5647852/mp4_med/d60fa8a2995563b58a2db1fdc5647852-mp4_med.mp4 By Julianne Chiaet They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but how does your pet really feel about you? Japanese company Anicall developed a wearable device that... Read More

The Rise & Fall Of Japanese Xmas: Please Bring Back The Sex & Money & Carnal Pleasures

“Those were the days” is a phrase a woman must never utter once she hits 40 as it makes her seem unnecessarily outdated. But there are times when one is called upon to bend this golden rule, and state – clearly and plainly – that those WERE the days. Hell, yes. Has the... Read More

The JK Biz (日本語版)未成年の性的搾取(JKビジネス)と日本の異様な「カワイイ」

(本記は未成年の性的搾取(JKビジネス)と日本の異様な「カワイイ」。仮和訳が英文の下です。 This article was originally run for VICE NEWS as (元原稿→) In Japan, Teenage Girls Folding Paper Cranes Has Taken on a Whole New Meaning     週刊新潮がAKB48の経営者らが暴力団と関わりを持っていたことを特報した時は、大手マスコミがその記事を無視した。稼ぎ頭の秋元君を怒らせると、金銭的に損するだけだから。道徳的損害は配慮していない模様。   性は商品として売られることに日本人は男女を問わず寛容な傾向がある。大人が合意によって行っている前提であればそれは「寛容」と呼べるだろうが、未成年が対象となると全く別の話だ。また、「合意」の部分についても誤謬がないか。 日本の10代の少女たちが折る千羽鶴が全く別の意味を持ち始めた(2015年7月21日掲載) 禎子と千羽鶴という児童書の中で、1945年広島に原爆が投下されたとき爆心地の近くに住んでいた12歳の女の子が白血病と診断され余名宣告を受ける。女の子は鶴を折り始める。日本では千の鶴を折れば願いが叶うと言われているのだ。   禎子はこの作業を完遂すれば生きられると願って鶴を折るがやり遂げる前に亡くなる。実話に基づいた本である。   しかし最近、折り鶴は希望ではなく10代の少女搾取の象徴となった。5月、警視庁は池袋で下着姿の女子高生が鶴を折るのを男性客に見せる店を営業していた男3人を逮捕した。クリオネという名のそのクラブは警察が踏み込んだ際、18歳未満の少女2人を働かせていた。   客はマジックミラーのある半個室に座り、鶴を折っている少女たちのスカートの中を覗き見ることができた。入場料が40分間で5000円だが5分間に1000円払えば指名した少女を見ることができた。警察筋によると店はまた、個室で少女と2人きりになり性的行為を受ける機会も提供していたという。   クリオネの強制捜査は日本で急増するJKビジネスと警察の闘いの最新局面だ。JKとは女子高生を表しているが、10代の少年を搾取するビジネスもある。我々はドキュメンタリー「売りに出される女子生徒(Schoolgirls... Read More

In Japan, Hamster Asses Are Cute. Cute my ass, hamsters are homicidal rodents.

Wake up: Hamsters Aren’t Cute; They’re Homicidal Misandrist Cannibals For some people in Japan, fondness for the rear ends of hamsters have been around for a while, but it was only until recently that the world discovered that there are Facebook pages, Twitter account, and even... Read More

The Matcha Better F*ck: A Japonesque Cocktail For The Ages

A few months ago, the hard-working staff of Japan Subculture Research Center (JSRC) had their first New Year’s Mixology (Cocktail) Party (新年会). One of the attendees, and sometimes writer for the blog, Mio Takeshita, introduced  us to an Australian classic cocktail: The Quick Fuck. According... Read More

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