International Court orders Japan to stop part of its whaling program; Japan wails in protest

Photo: Guillaume Bression / Trois8 / Tokyo-Prod, Wada prt in Minamiboso, Japan On March 31st, 2014, Japan lost a court case at the International Court of Justice in La Hague, which was launched by Australia four years ago, seeking to force Japan to stop its whale hunting activities in the Antarctic Ocean. It will not end whaling in Japan. The decision does not apply to whaling in the Pacific Ocean, but will strongly affect Japan’s commercial whaling... Read More

Japan’s Designated Secrets Law: All you ever wanted to know but should be afraid to ask. (LOL)

On December 7th, the ruling bloc of the Japanese government passed into law a Secrecy bill which many feel threatens freedom of the speech and the freedom of the press. For those who are interested in finding more about Japan’s Designated Secrets Law, here are source materials that you may find useful.  These are material distributed to the foreign press by the Cabinet Office last week before the bill became law. The Abe cabinet promised to... Read More

Japan Passes Draconian Secrecy Bill Into Law: Journalists, Whistleblowers are now “terrorists”

December 9th, Tokyo* (Updated from December 7th post)  The Prime Minister Abe Shinzo (LDP) led ruling coalition passed the ominous new Designated Secrets Bill yesterday in the middle of the night on December 7th (Friday, Tokyo time), apparently fearing that the light of another day, or the harsh radiation of the truth, would cause the legislation to shrivel up and die. The ruling government cut off debate and forced a vote in the upper house of... Read More

Prince Genji’s Pole Dances & Romances: Japanese Literature Sways to LIfe

The Tale Of Genji (源氏物語) is said to be the first novel ever written. It is certainly the first ancient Japanese literary classic to be turned into a pole dance and performing arts spectacle like nothing I’ve ever seen before: Genji–The Other Side of The Story. If all Japanese literature was this sexy and fun, I’d have become a scholar not a reporter. I went expecting to be appalled but was impressed that the lighting, music, and... Read More

Tokyo Vice: Interview with Jake Adelstein

Read an exciting (sort of) interview with the author and chief editor of the web-site,  Jake Adelstein. I’ve been working on this thing now for almost three years and its nice to finally see it in print. If you’re curious about the sex industry in Japan, about yakuza, cops, journalists and all that can go terribly wrong in the little island country of the rising sun, please read the book.   The following interview was done for Random... Read More

Top 10 “Trendy” Words To Understand 30 Years Of Modern Japan

This week Jiyu Kokumin Shupansha known for publishing the beloved Japanese language lexicon Basic Knowledge Of Modern Lingo (現代用語の基礎用語), in celebration of their 30th year of awarding the annual The New and Trendy Words Of The Year (新語・流行語大賞) announced the most enduring top ten trendy words for the last three decades. The company surveyed three hundred people and had them rank the words in order of importance and... Read More

The Japanese Sex Industry: Finding a job that’s right for you (REPOSTING)

Originally posted as Fuzoku Friday: Finding a Job That’s Right For You on November 20th, 2009 Last week we talked about magazines and websites for fuzoku job hunters, but for those looking to dive into the industry and start their career in high-paying part-time work (高収入アルバイト), the variety of work available must be daunting. How is a girl to know what kind of job best suits her personality? LunLun Work is once again here to... Read More

Toyoda Designs 100% Driverless Car: HARU2001. Self-determining vehicles are the future!

Last week, Honda Motor Co. (7267) displayed a self-driving car based on the new Accord Hybrid at the ITS World Congress. It performed at  an outdoor demonstration at about 20kph. This week, Toyoda Mordor Co. (666) upped the ante by revealing it’s 100% driverless car, the HARU2001.* “Nissan, Honda, everybody is designing a self-driving car. We thought, ‘Hey, what if we take out the human component altogether?’ And that’s how we came... Read More

“Japan needs to put data in English”, says International Atomic Energy Agency

IAEA to work with Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority on Fukushima nuclear disaster monitoring  Yukiya Amano, Director General of the U.N. nuclear agency, was in Japan this week for an annual official visit. He pointed out that “Ocean contamination monitoring is extremely important, and the IAEA will help as much as possible.” After a meeting held in Tokyo with the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Yukiya... Read More

Future Beauty: 30 Years Of Japanese Fashion…ends today in Seattle.

    Rei Kawakubo’s works for Comme des Garcons, Spring/Summer 1997. Her work is extensively featured in the Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion exhibit and book. She once famously said, about her clothing “I work with different shades of black.” Future Beauty: 30 Years Of Japanese Fashion ends its nearly two month run today at the Seattle Art Museum on September 8th. I was lucky to enough to catch it and if you’re... Read More

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