Ladies of Japan: Last chance to be “The New Spice girl!” or World Idol! Apply By February 23rd!

Remember the Spice Girls? (Like a AKB48 but with human rights and a decent salary)—Well, the man who launched them and produced the show American Idol, is creating a new global group, Now United, and he’s looking for a Japanese woman to join the team. If you’re a young Japanese... Read More

Pole Dance Tokyo: A Sophisticated Sexiness

Pole Dancing in Tokyo sounds like another terrible sex-laden non-fiction narrative by a foreigner about living in Japan, but since 2007, it has gradually become one socially accepted and amazing way to stay in shape in this city. Whenever that lewd friend of yours sees a freestanding... Read More

Fight For Your Right To (Dance) Party Past Midnight In Japan!

You have to write for your right to (dance party) 夜明けまで踊りたいなら警察庁に意見を伝え、政府を踊らせよう! Put on those dancing shoes!…in a few months. Maybe. The National Police Agency of Japan is at long last (and after much public pressure) considering... Read More