“Potager,” in Roppongi Hills Serves Vegetable Sushi That Looks Like Real Sushi


“Pumpkin cream” sushi, gobo (burdock), “miso-cucumber-maki”, “black” rice and “broccoli paste sushi” on “black” rice.

With your eyes, you see raw fish, sea weeds, sea-urchin and rice. But it’s all made of vegetables. Welcome to vegetarians! The French restaurant with the Japanese touch, or Japanese with the French touch serves sushi all made of vegetables, carefully selected. Potager, opened its second restaurant in Roppongi Hills two years ago.

Aya Kakisawa, 34, is a chef trained in Japan and France who studied macrobiotic cuisine before opening her two shops in Tokyo, both of which are the first in the world in their respective vegetable-fusion categories.

 “Grown by elaborate methods,

‘Vegetables’ of high quality and

‘Rice’ of Japanese farmers’ proud will become a joyful & scrumptious

dish of our next proposal: that is Potager’s ‘Vegetable Sushi’.

We hope that farmers will cultivate safe and tasty food.

That will stimulate people’s interest into vegetables and rice,

and will expand their consumption.”

Says Potager’s carte de visite.


The second dish of a lunch menu at Potager, Roppongi Hills

The first sushi from the left looks like a sea urchin sushi, but it is actually made of carrot cream. You think the second sushi is a shell fish? It’s actually the trunk of a mushroom grilled with butter! And the last nigiri sushi on the right obviously looks like an ordinary maguro no nigiri or raw tuna on rice. You would be surprised to taste a steamed tomato, a chip of mozzarella cheese and dark tomato paste.

It should be noted that original Japanese maki-zushi also uses vegetables, such as the kappa-maki (cucumber maki), the gobo-maki (burdock-maki), tamago-maki (egg omelette sushi), and the more modern and famous California-maki.

White beets pudding with strawberry sauce

White beets pudding bakes with eggs, with red berry confit and a branch of parsley

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Patissier Potager, 2-44-9 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tel: +81 (0) 3 6279 7753, AM10:00-PM8:00,http://www.potager.co.jp

Vegetable Sushi Potager, Roppongi Hills Keyakizaka-Dori, 6-9-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tel: +81 (0) 3 3497 8822, AM11:00-PM23:00


Potager, ポタジェ, Vegetable Garden, in Roppongi Hills, Asahi TV Bld

(“Potager” means vegetable garden in French), ポタジェ, in Roppongi Hills, Asahi TV Bld


Reviewed by CNN. in 2011.



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