Ryu ga Gotoku for Twitter

Release of the much-awaited next instalment in the Yakuza series, Yakuza: Of the End (龍が如く Of the End) may have been postponed because of the Tohoku earthquake, but impatient fans can show their support with the free iPhone app, Ryu ga Gotoku for Twitter.

Perhaps the main feature of Ryu ga Gotoku for Twitter is the six theme options, and by theme I mean large, distracting background image. Choose from Kiryu Kazuma, Akiyama Shun, Majima Goro, Ruji Goda, the game logo or a back drop of Kamuro-cho–complete with zombies! Another unique feature of the app is the button that leads to a screen exclusively for following the official 龍が如く Twitter account, whee!

Available for download in any store regardless of region, I believe
Sexy splash screen

It’s business as usual besides that. As a TweetDeck user it took a bit of time to get used to the app, but it comes with a number of features that would make life easier than said software does. Things like threaded DMs, easy access to lists, and a proper “save as draft” system (sometimes I have to wonder where my saved posts in TweetDeck disappear to..). Downsides would include a lack of geotagging (if you’re into that sort of thing) and the fact that you must load your timeline, @ replies and DMs separately.

The app is on any iTunes store, from what I can see, but is only available in Japanese.

Some screenshots:

Would have liked a zombie yakuza theme!
In case you can't figure out how to follow them yourself..
Check out the convo in other people's @replies
Basic reply and retweet functions
My favourite feature--see who is following you (No surprise that AP isn't!)

Fuzoku Friday: The Great Happiness Space

The Great Happiness Space

Not a new film but a unique one to be sure, The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief is a 2006 documentary by UK director Jake Clennell that delves into the very visible yet mysterious world of the host club. The Wikipedia entry on host clubs gives a fairly good summary of the business we see in the movie–women paying exorbitant amounts of money to have guys fawn over them–but a trip into The Great Happiness Space puts the industry’s underbelly on display for all to see.

Using popular Shinsaibashi host club Cafe Rakkyo as its setting, the documentary takes viewers on a slow, twisted tour through the world of owner Issei–a mega-popular “charisma host”–and his fellow employees as they guzzle pitchers of beer and hustle women into buying over-priced bottles of champagne in order to win their affections. We soon learn those affections are less the typical lighting cigarettes and wiping glasses type, and more a combination of playing the older brother/boyfriend role and, embarrassingly, wrestling with drunken girls in the hallway.

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