Fuzoku Friday

The fuzoku (風俗) industry, or sex industry, is an integral part of Japan’s underground economy and a multi-billion-dollar operation that is difficult to keep track of actual numbers because of the sheer size and continuously changing nature of the business. Estimates on the size of the industry have ranged between ¥1 trillion and ¥2.5 trillion, sometimes more.

Behind all that money are the workhorses, the thousands of Japanese women who get drawn into this “service industry,” attracted by the promises of a hefty paycheck for an easy job with a minimal time commitment. And indeed, these jobs appear to deliver, with some sex workers making over ¥10 million per year.

While there are a number of women who take up the trade looking for money to pay for their family, or for drugs, the majority of these ladies are working to satisfy a habit of a different kind — consumerism. For women who are looking for a lifestyle of posh restaurants, massages and manicures, and easy access to the season’s latest high-class brand goods, the sex industry is a viable option to earn a high income without the education, talent or long hours normally required for a high-paying career.

And how do eager job-seekers find work? Magazines, and most recently websites, have been pointing the way to open positions at sexual businesses of all colors. Printed to look like innocuous women’s magazines but with slightly suspicious cover text about how to boost salaries and massage techniques, these books can be found at convenience stores and pack in between glossy pages of makeup and restaurant articles volumes of information on sex work throughout the area in an easy-to-understand format.

Fuzoku job site

For this week’s Fuzoku Friday, here’s an example of an ad from the pages of “Lun Lun Work,” one of the most widely distributed and popular sex work magazines.

Delivery health ad

Type: Delivery health

Job: Companion

Age: 18 and over

Points: Paid daily, minimum salary guaranteed, starting bonus, private waiting room, home standby OK, dormitory available, childcare available, pickup available, alibi service available, moonlighting OK, 1-day trial OK, uniforms available

One of the largest in the Shibuya area

Start living a comfortable lifestyle

Fuzoku Debut Specialty Shop

Normal 18-29 years old women can make big bucks!

We offer the opportunity to make over ¥60,000 per day!

Perfect for autumn: Try a short-term part time job!

Qualifications: From 18-35 y.o. (no experience necessary)

Time: Open 9am-5am, start from 3 hours per day

Salary: From ¥35,000/day (paid daily in full)

Details: Wait for a call here or at home; no quotas or penalties; all registered employees receive bonuses; work when you want

Location: In a clean office building near Shibuya station!

Message: Tokyo XXXXX is a new type of delivery health service with four locations in Shibuya, one in Shinjuku and one in Shinagawa. Not only can you make more than ¥60,000 per day, but you can work safely in a stress-free environment. We also accept girls who are looking to get out of the business soon.

Information provided here is not meant to promote nor criticize the sex industry or sex workers, and is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only.

2 Channel Devotes A Thread to Jake and Tokyo Vice

In one of the mind baffling things to happen of late, the popular Japanese internet BBS and forum, 2 channel, devoted a thread to me and the book. I suppose that I have fans in Japan and it also appears that I have a lot of people, some of them yakuza, who strongly dislike me. However, it’s nice to see the conflicting theories and opinions about the book in Japanese.  It’s going to take some time for me to finish rewriting the book in Japanese and probably even longer to find a publisher in Japan who isn’t afraid of handling the book.

By the way, I was angered, a few days go, when someone posted my parent’s address on the thread, urging the Goto-gumi to pay them a visit. Not very nice. And also very typical of the low level of discourse that you often find on that BBS.


2 Channel
2 Channel

My favorite scratchings on the blog so far are the one’s accusing me of being a CIA spy, which I’ve heard before, but also allegations that I’m actually a pawn of the Yamaguchi-gumi top executives, paid off to get Goto out of the way.  I’ve had some unpleasant things said about myself before, most of them deserved, but I don’t think anyone has ever accused me of working FOR the yakuza before.  The person writing the blog did a nice job of collecting of what I’ve written in Japanese about the yakuza, about Goto-gumi, and what happened at UCLA. He’s also collected some supporting evidence and some of what others have written about the Goto-gumi and UCLA and myself as well. On the other hand,  some of what is attributed to me, I didn’t actually write but that’s okay.

If you read Japanese, you will find some amusing sections which recreate some of the more heated exchanges I had with Goto supporters and anti-semetic conspiracy theory loving bloggers.  It’s kind of a thrill to have that ultimate barometer of Japan subculture, 2 channel, actually devote a whole page to me and the book. I don’t know who put it up but thank you. どうもありがとうがございます。