A Look at Japan’s Annual Penis Worshipping Festival


The Kanamara Festival is held each year in Kawasaki City. Here, phallic objects and candies are in abundance.

International Court orders Japan to stop part of its whaling program; Japan wails in protest

Photo: Guillaume Bression / Trois8 / Tokyo-Prod, Wada prt in Minamiboso, Japan

Now that the International Court of Justice has told Japan that in cannot hunt whales as it does now, there is a new concern that the Japanese government will find different ways to prove its whaling is actually for scientific study purposes. And in fact, one worries that as the Japanese government strives to prove they’re correct, the meat taken from the slaughtered whales may just be thrown away without being put on the market, or vanish into darkness (and go into the black market)

Pole dancing goths, Day-Glo Dominatrix, and gay pride–a crazy night at Tokyo Decadance

La Carmina blog

Tokyo Decadance Bar is one of the favorite hangouts of Tokyo’s alternative, Goth and Cyber club kids. Here are photos from two trips to “Decabar.” Don’t miss the infamous Preta Porco in his signature yellow face paint if you’re there!

Stalking in Japan: Another needless death

Stalking Comic Book _Page_3

(This was originally posted on February 18th, 2014. A day later, a woman in Gunma Prefecture was most probably shot to death by her stalker)  February 21st, 2014 . Updated again on February 22nd, 2014.  Stalking in Japan is a serious problem and the laws can’t seem to catch up with it. On the 19th [...]

Prince Genji’s Pole Dances & Romances: Japanese Literature Sways to LIfe

Genji The Other Side 07

Thus the stage is set for a mystical Nutcracker meets Noh plus comedy, improvisational dance, strip-tease, burlesque and the finest aerial arts and acrobatics. Genji Monogatari (The Tale of Genji 源氏)as you’ve never seen it before.

Japanese rockers sing the truth about post-meltdown Fukushima. Is anyone listening?

Tepco employees facing Fukushima citizens questions

“We’re living in a material world. A radioactive material world, ” jokes the lead singer. “This isn’t the future we hoped for.” They released their second mini-album “Living in a Radioactive Material World” this year. The title song has the punch of early Clash, the vocals on the acoustic song, “アスノメ (the eye of tomorrow) are smoky, poignant and reminiscent of Marianne Faithful–if she had been a protest singer. The live recording of 打ち砕いて (Knock it down) has in the background the enthusiastic cheers from the Fukushima local high school kids, who find their despair voiced in the lyrics of the band.

3,300 participate in nuclear evacuation drill in Satsumasendai, 40,000 rally in Tokyo against nuclear power


Over the past weekend, the Japanese government conducted its first major nuclear disaster drill ever since the 3/11 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant triple meltdowns. It was a two-day drill that was conducted as if an earthquake had caused an accident releasing radioactive substances from the reactors of the Sendai nuclear power plant in Kagoshima [...]

Future Beauty: 30 Years Of Japanese Fashion…ends today in Seattle.

Future Beauty

What does what you wear say about you? Did you know that fashion is wearable art? Great fashion, like great art, requires creativity and skill. All of the fashion that you see in the exhibition is from Japan*. The men and woman who designed these garments were considered pioneers because they looked at style and fashion in new ways.—Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion SAMkids Activity Guide.

All You Need Is LOVE…and the price of admission

Artist Name: Yoshinaga Masayuki
Title of the work: Goth-Loli (Gothic-Lolita)
2006 / 2013

Amidst the awkwardness of it all (given the nudity, vigorous displays of unpleasant breakups and strong adult contents) most couples in the gallery room drifted apart as to view the art pieces solo. My partner and I followed in their footsteps and parted ways too, viewing each work in silent contempt, sometimes amazement, or quiet rapture.

On Modern Slavery: Thoughts on Human Trafficking


[Not only do I find it personally abhorrent, but intellectually, it] is a terrible exploit of labor that robs women, men and children of their freedom and dignity. In fact, human trafficking is too polite of a term. “Modern slavery” is a more apt expression. Perhaps if portrayed by this term, more people would share my vehemence to combat it.