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Failed pick-up line: "I'm a yakuza boss"

Sankei News reported that a 34-year-old man was charged with rape after a rather dodgy incident where he told a woman that he was a yakuza member and forced her to have sex with him last December.

Naoki Kambara, a part-time worker at a shipping company, threatened a young woman on a street in Tokyo’s Kokubunji City on Dec. 17, telling her that he was the “number two” of a yakuza group. He forced her into a public toilet where he performed obscene acts on her before bringing her to a nearby hotel and raping her.

According to police, Kambara got her mobile email address, sending her a text on Dec. 23 saying he’d “like to meet again.” Police set a time and a place for the two to meet again, arresting him when he showed up on Dec. 27.

What did they arrest Kambara on? Suspicion of a similar crime committed in November, where he reportedly used similar means to rape a girl in her teens. Brilliant! He admitted to both charges.

Read the original story here. (Japanese only)