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Hiroshima councilman arrested for using yakuza as threat

One member of a city council in Hiroshima prefecture was arrested with three others September 21 for threatening a local man over troubles involving a woman back in May. The 67-year-old Etajima city council member reportedly conspired with a local Kyosei-kai yakuza and the president and an employee of a local automotive parts manufacturer to threaten the acquaintance in an Etajima restaurant on May 18. The council member approached the man and told him the yakuza were on his side, and that the company president wanted the man dead at any cost. All four deny the charges, and the councilman testified that he spoke to the man, but did not threaten him.

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Taito residents move to block Kodo-kai invasion

Residents in a Taito-ku neighborhood will launch an anti-organized crime community group October 3 as a reaction to the recent move of a Kodo-kai front company from the wealthy Azabu-juban into the area. The front company, known as “K Project” is headed by the leader of the Komatsu-gumi, a figure who is seen as being at the forefront of the Kodo-kai’s migration into Tokyo. The community group is working with lawyers to investigate a potential lawsuit that would prevent the yakuza organization from opening an office in the ward.

According to official documents, “K Project” engages in management consulting and the buying and selling of real estate. After the company was established in 2007 they purchased a condo in a high-class Azabu-juban high rise, but local residents went through Tokyo District Court and succeeded in forcing the group out in April 2009. In February, K Project purchased a four-story commercial building located in Taito-ku, and officially moved in some time in August. Since then, police have been able to confirm Komatsu-gumi and Kodo-kai members moving in and out of the property, and believe that the gang is operating out of the premises.

A similar case occurred in January 2009 when the Inagawa-kai attempted to move their Roppongi headquarters to a location in Akasaka. Local residents were quick to act, ultimately preventing the gang from entering the neighborhood.

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Man 'couldn't refuse' when asked by crush for child porn

A 38-year-old Kanagawa man was arrested September 24 under suspicion of loaning out to an acquaintance four CDs containing pornographic images of young boys. According to police, the disks contained a total of 9,800 images of boys believed to be between the ages of four and 10, both alone and being molested by adult men. The suspect is believed to have passed CDs to his friend twice last year in October and December, and testified that he did so because he liked the man and couldn’t refuse when asked.

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Police suspect suicide in yakuza death

An high-ranking member of an organized crime group was discovered collapsed and bleeding by his son in theirAdachi-ku home on Sept 4. The 64-year-old yakuza, who is said to have belonged to a group related to the Sumiyoshi-kai, was confirmed dead by emergency officials at around 10:40am. A gun was discovered near the body, and a lack of signs of a struggle have led police to investigate the possibility the man may have committed suicide.

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Teacher arrested for assaulting drugged teen

A Sendai teacher at a private high school who was arrested on August 11 for giving sleeping pills to an underage girl and molesting her told police he committed the crime because he “gave into temptation.” According to reports, on the afternoon of August 4, the 53-year-old man gave a girl in her late teens two to three sleeping pills, taking off her clothing and molesting her once they had effect. The victim awoke in the middle of the assault and ran, reporting the incident to police the next day. The teacher reportedly told the girl the pills would be good for her health.

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High school girl accepts ¥1,000 for sex

A Saitama man was arrested August 4 under violation of child prostitution laws for paying a 16-year-old high school girl for sexual favors in a hotel room in Tokyo’s Hachioji city on March 23. The pair had reportedly met on an Internet community site about a year and a half ago, and mutually agreed to the transaction. The man, a 23-year-old construction worker from Konosu city, testified that he had met the girl for sex seven or eight times in the past, paying between 1000 and 4000 yen each time. The girl told police she did it for cash to go out with friends and purchase cosmetics.

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Ex-yakuza celeb management office top arrested for attempted fraud

The PR manager of a well-known celeb management office was arrested and a warrant put out for the company representative on July 26 on charges of attempted fraud in connection with a falsified lawsuit for damages against the ex-chairman of major Osaka-based moving company Art Corporation.

Shunichi Matsuo, 47, public relations manager of JAC Consultant management office, and ex-Yamaguchi-gumi affiliated Nakano-kai member turned company rep Kazuo Kono, 58, had told Art chairman Kazuo Terada, 64, that an affair between Terada and two young celebs managed by JAC had caused the women to become too emotionally distressed to work. They told Terada that a lawsuit for damages totaling over 1.9 billion yen was filed with the Tokyo District Court on March 30, but police ruled the lawsuit to be false after fees involved were determined to be far above normal. Matsuo denies the accusation, saying that they had tried to work things out but couldn’t, so they filed for damages.

According to sources, JAC’s Kono also runs a number of similar companies, including one that manages two members of the rock band X Japan.

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Drugs discovered inside snack packages at Inagawa-kai member's condo

A member of the Inagawa-kai was arrested for possession of stimulants and cannabis after being discovered carrying 19.5 grams of stimulants and 29 grams of marijuana on his person July 7. A search of the man’s Fujisawa condo revealed 60 grams of stimulants (estimated to be worth 5.4 million yen), 775 grams of dried cannabis (estimated to be worth 4.7 million yen), and 1,500 syringes. Some of the stimulants in the condo were discovered in canistesr of potato chips that had been given false bottoms.

The 36-year-old gang member gave a vague testimony that he had purchased the drugs from an associate, and investigators are currently trying to discover details as to where they were sourced from. Police believe the suspect had been selling drugs out of the apartment and in a nearby restaurant parking lot since March.

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Kindergarten teacher arrested for taking photos of student

It was announced that a kindergarten teacher has been arrested in Higashi-Murayama city for indecent assault and creating child pornography. The 28-year-old male teacher reportedly molested a fourth-year student in a classroom at the elementary school he worked at last April, then this past January brought the boy home and took photos of him with a digital camera. The man, who is already being prosecuted for the child pornography charges, testified that he committed the crimes “because the boy was cute.”

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